Drug Addiction

Drug addictions are becoming an ever growing problem in the UK

Cocaine, Heroin, Crack, Ecstacy, Mushrooms, LSD and Speed are amongst some of the most addictive drugs available today.

The fastest growing trend of Drug Addiction has been focussed on by the UK media, as the likes of celebrities such Pete Docherty, Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss have all been publically observed as having a heroin addiction problem. This can obviously has a negative effect on youngsters as they look up to these "celebrities" and idolise the things they do.

Prescription drug addiction is also becoming more of a problem amongst youngster and adults alike, with up to 1 in 5 people having some sort of dependance on them.

There are plenty of places now available in the UK which deal with people's drug addictions.

There are lots of new programmes in the UK which can help with drug addiction, and they have team building exercises which will give former drug addicts, the confidence to liase with the general public again. Some of the great things on offer include driving experience days which have proved to be a great hit amongst the youngsters suffering from heroin addiction, as it gives them a new found adrenalin rush. Check out some of the local drug addiction centres, to see what sort of options are available to you.